"On January 11th 2011, I suffered a severe stroke that paralyzed the left side of my body. Since then, I have had hospital rehab and training, and many hours of ground based occupational, speech and physical therapy. One day my best friend told me about aquatic therapy. At first, for aquatic rehab, I had to change into a bathing suit which was hectic as I had lost use of the left side of my body movement. But I had a feeling that a warm water pool would give me some improvement. So I started. The therapists at Aquatic Rehab and Consulting were excellent. They knew what my problems were and needed. With each session I received excellent treatment and warm encouragement. The staff adapted their treatment to meet my special needs. I am very happy with my progress. After each session my walking stability has improved. My body movements have improved, and I feel more confident. I am very thankful for Aquatic Rehab and Consulting and their staff." - Mayumi Hashimoto  


"My son, Liam, has been a client of Aquatic Rehab and Consulting for five years. He swims twice a week for 45 minutes and absolutely loves it. He started seeing Carrie at 8 months old after suffering a traumatic brain injury. When we started, he couldn't hold his head up or sit up. With Carrie and her team's calm and caring touch, he started improving his core strength and balance. Five years later he is a feisty walking and running 5 1/2 year old. It has been the best therapy without feeling like therapy" - Kim Sheppard    


"Aquatic Rehab has been great! After surgery for a broken femur, their physical therapist worked with me to build up my strength. I went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane, to walking in 4 months. Their personal attention, encouragement and knowledge mean the world to me!" - Lori Polson  


"Aquatic therapy has helped with my low back pain immensely. I used to wake up almost every morning with pain. And I even had to see a chiropractor quite often. Not any more! Now there is almost no pain in my low back. Carrie is wonderful. She provides individual help for your specific needs and she actually gets in the water with you. Aquatic Rehab and Consulting is the best!" - Pat Holcomb 


"After having a total knee replacement, I was faced with the decision of where to do my rehabilitation. Fortunately, my rheumatologist recommended Aquatic Rehab and Consulting. I have progressed more rapidly than others I have known who chose a traditional type of therapy. I am convinced that my success is the result of the care I received from Carrie Thorson and her staff. I am an advocate of aquatic therapy and I plan to continue treatment after my knee has healed. The Aquatic Rehab and Consulting staff concentrates on problem areas but in addition they are concerned with the well being of the entire body. My recommendation is to do your body a favor and get into the WATER." - Bill Forester  


"I suffer from a severe spinal osteoarthritis as well as a couple of herniated discs. I had never heard of aqua therapy before a neurosurgeon recommended it. I found it more relaxing and enjoyable than land PT, which I had had on and off for years. I have benefitted tremendously from the therapy I have received at Aquatic Rehab and Consulting. The physical therapists on staff are extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well as personable and friendly. Their explanations are always easy to understand and they are eager to answer questions. They are actively involved with each client, and make sure to adjust the treatment program to meet each person's specific needs. The water-based exercises in my case were very successful in reducing pain, developing core strength, and improving flexibility. I recommend Aquatic Rehab and Consulting to anyone looking for a gentle yet effective way to address chronic pain issues and enhance function." - Johanna Shapiro, Ph.D.  


  "My son has been receiving aquatic therapy from Carrie for the last year and he loves it. He has a great time in the water splashing around and playing while he is getting the stretches and strength training he needs to work towards his goal for mobility. I have not only seen the benefits in how his body physically responds in the water, but I have also seen him become more confident moving in the water. I'm very pleased with the care, professionalism and flexibility that Aquatic Rehab and Consulting has offered our family." - L. Gonchar  


"I was introduced to Carrie at Aquatic Rehab over 1 year ago. I came in paralyzed below the waist and could not walk in the water or enter the pool unassisted. Because of Carrie's experience, knowledge and attitude I can now on my own, among many other things, walking the pool, exercise and enter by using the pool steps. Carrie is who you want for Aquatic Rehab." - Bob  


"Carrie Thorson, and the rest of her staff at Aquatic Rehab and Consulting, have been instrumental in my rehab and recovery from numerous operations.  I suffered a spinal cord injury several years ago and had limited mobility and loss of strength in the lower part of my body.  Aquatic Rehab and Consulting’s water therapy program helped me get stronger and develop enhanced control over my legs.  Exercising in the water allows me to do things that I would not be able to perform on land.  Since starting with Aquatic Rehab and Consulting, I can now walk three times farther than I could prior to working with Carrie Thorson.  In addition, I can now walk twice as fast.  I highly recommend Aquatic Rehab and Consulting." - Jim Kelton

"Our daughter, Cali, is 13 years old and walks with a walker. She loves therapy in the pool. She can walk in the water by herself and enjoys all the exercises. Aquatic rehab is the best therapy for her. Everyone we have worked with through Aquatic Rehab has Cali’s progress and enjoyment at the top of their list. She is improving and having fun and that is over top priority as well."



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