1. Will my hair get wet?

Initially, most exercises are done in either a seated, standing, or walking position. If we feel there are exercises which you will benefit from, but will get your hair wet, we will discuss these with you ahead of time.


2. Do I need to know how to swim to receive aquatic physical therapy?

No, exercises can be done holding onto the side of the pool for stability if needed. Your therapist will be with you in the water at all times. If you have a significant fear of the water, please let us know that ahead of time, so that we may assist you in the best way possible.


3. How long am I in the pool for?

Most sessions are approximately one hour long, however we may start at less and gradually build up as your endurance improves. Most often, patients are able to progress to more than an hour in the pool as the patient becomes significantly more independent with their program.


4. Do I need to have a bathing suit?

Not necessarily. If you are more comfortable in a shirt and shorts than that would be acceptable. However, a standard bathing suit allows you greater motion and comfort, and allows the therapist better feedback and ability to provide a more specific hands on level of care.


5. Do you bill my insurance?

Yes, our office will bill your health insurance as a courtesy. However, the charges incurred are ultimately the responsibility of the patient.


6. Will my insurance cover aquatic physical therapy?

We will contact your insurance company to determine coverage for aquatic physical therapy. Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment. Detailed benefit information is only available to subscribers, who should contact their insurance company should questions arise. We will notify you of coverage basics prior to your first appointment.


7. What if I have an HMO?

Your doctor needs to request authorization from your health plan or IPA (Monarch). Our name must be included for the authorization to cover our facility. You are requesting therapy from an out of network provider. The process may take up to two weeks depending upon your insurance or the IPA. Our office will contact you via phone, email or mail once we have recieved your authorization.





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